Top Tips for Social Media

Over 70% of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the UK have some sort of social media presence.  This is not surprising given that in the UK alone, there are 37 million users of Facebook, (47% of these over 35 years of age) and 29 million users of LinkedIn (37% of whom are between the ages…

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Dealing With Complaints on Social Media

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No matter how good the service your company provides, you might still receive the occasional complaint or negative review. The growth of social media in recent years has made it all the more easy for your customers to make themselves heard, and given the very public nature of these forums, your responses can make or…

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How to post properly on Facebook

With 890 million users active daily on Facebook it is a promotional platform that can’t be ignored. Due to its high volume of traffic, brands often presume that just by posting to their Facebook page customers will engage with them however this is not the case. Facebook’s algorithms only show users the content that they…

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