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Here are some numbers for you: 4 months of planning; an 8 week coordinated social media campaign, more than 70 live tweets over 7 hours, 35 videos created, 400+ guests and 8 awards. Last week…


Here are some numbers for you: 4 months of planning; an 8 week coordinated social media campaign, more than 70 live tweets over 7 hours, 35 videos created, 400+ guests and 8 awards.

Last week saw our long-standing customer ceda host their first ever Digital Event. And it’s fair to say it went down a storm.

The ceda Annual Conference has always been a huge part of ceda’s activities year on year. With a star-studded line up of speakers and guests, international exhibitors and an awards evening hosted by some of the best in the business. Naturally their ‘usual’ annual conference had to be postponed due to the circumstances we’re all experiencing at the moment, but that didn’t stop them putting on a show that impressed.

Our thoughts were, let’s do the whole thing anyway. Because you can still have an amazing speaker line-up, a glittering awards ceremony, an exhibition hall packed full of household names and hundreds of members and guests in attendance. Online.

All aided by an impressive software platform, some pretty damn good branding and promotional work, and a state of the art studio in central London beaming speakers including Nisha Katona and the head of NHS Food (all socially distanced of course) ‘live’ to screens across the UK.

Whilst digital events can never replace physical events (but we are definitely getting better at it), it’s clear that they simply have to be ‘the way’ until the restrictions preventing traditional events are lifted. The feedback from exhibitors and attendees alike has been exceptional, with many commenting on how they favour the flexibility of a Digital Event, as it seamlessly adapts to their own working day. No more having to take a full day away from the office simply to attend.

It worked. And it worked fantastically well. We think we want to do it again.

So, guess what? We are already working with ceda and event specialists McCullough Moore on future digital events. We like it when things like this happen.

CreationADM’s Creative Director Gary Young commented: “Creating a virtual event that got anywhere close to replicating the energy and enjoyment of a live experience was always going to be a tough call. However the Digital Event really did cover all the bases when it came to combining great content and great experiences. Visitors and exhibitors still mingled and networked, all via the video conferencing routes we’ve all gotten so used to lately. Plus the Awards themselves were still the glamorous ‘live’ affair that ceda Members, guests and Partners had come to expect. Even though most of them were only dressed properly from the waist up.”

If you are planning on holding your own digital or online event and would like to talk to us about how we can support you throughout the whole process, drop us an email via peter@creationadm.com We’d be delighted to help.

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