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An introduction.

We are a full service digital, marketing, PR and design agency based in Manchester city centre. With a mix of talents from both agency and clientside marketing backgrounds, our aim is to help you communicate your message better.

We can take existing well established brands and refresh them or help a new business get up and running.  Projects of all sizes interest us, both single one-off tasks as well as long-term agency support for a range of activities.

You can see some examples of our work below and if you like what you see, then please give us a call and we can take it from there.


We work on a huge range of projects for our customers. Here’s just a few examples of what we can do for you.

Our clients.

From multi-nationals to micro-businesses, we work with a vast range of customers. And these include…

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CADM Customers D
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About us.

We are designers, programmers, writers, art directors, engineers, fitness fanatics, developers, chefs, analysts, musicians, filmmakers, animators, knitters, dog lovers, authors, photographers, deep sea divers, readers, travellers, gardeners, beer lovers, volunteers, parents and inventors.

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