Get WordPress Fit

Get WordPress Fit

Many people now manage and develop their own Wordpress websites. This gives them the freedom to make changes without having to refer back to someone else, such as their digital agency, saving them both time and money. Wordpress brings the website…

Successful Facebook Competition Strategy

Successful Facebook competition strategy

Facebook contests are now as common as any competition or give-away. From high-value holidays, cars and cash prizes, to more modest cinema tickets, haircuts and ice cream, businesses of all types are harnessing the potential of Facebook competitions for their…

How Social Media Can Help Manage A Crisis

How social media can help manage a crisis

Do you remember the case of O2 having a 24 hours outage a few years ago? During the crisis plenty of customers used the company Twitter account to show their frustration and attack the brand. O2 already had a well-established…

Getting Ready For A Meeting With A Potential Investor

Getting ready for a meeting with a potential investor

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover… or maybe you can? When you are looking for a new potential investor, the main thing to bear in mind is: first impressions are the most important. And that’s it.…

Five Key Ideas For Small Business Marketing

Five Key Ideas for Small Business Marketing

It is an oft-repeated fact that "Small businesses make up the majority of the UK's economy". But there is a vast range of SMEs hidden under this one phrase and their marketing efforts can be equally diverse. Here are five…

The Importance Of Mobile Web Search

The importance of mobile web search

Many people are now aware that Google ranks websites that are poorly designed for viewing on a smartphone lower than those that perform well. This makes total sense if you recognise that they are trying to reward the user with…

Touch Me Up!

Touch me up!

We strongly feel that images need to look their best, but let us show you what could or couldn’t be possible with a Photoshop expert.