How Green is YOUR website?

This question may not be something you’ve ever considered, but, like every other action we take here on planet Earth, somewhere along the line, there’s a consequence, consequences that are once again being highlighted at yesterday’s Leaders Summit on Climate. You may be surprised to learn that our everyday, online activities of browsing, streaming and…

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A new website for ceda

Manchester Website Designers

As part of our re-brand and ongoing marketing campaign for ceda, we have launched a brand new, customer-focused website for them that includes an extensive private area for members of the trade association to access a wide range of support features. The front end of the website is designed to attract end-users, operators and customers…

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Horrible Personalisation Kills All Future Efforts

database marketing

We received this great award nomination today: Hi Gary I hope you are well. We recently opened a phase of voting for this year’s Small Business Awards, and I am pleased to inform you that #insfirmhere# has received a nomination! Except of course we didn’t, “insert firm here” did, the lucky bastards, we’ve always wanted to win…

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