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In the first of a series of blogs focusing on branding, we look into any differences between Branding and Marketing. They’re the same, right?

Well a brand is certainly an essential element of any company’s marketing, the two go hand in hand. An effective and simple way to distinguish between the two is to think that if a company is known for something, that is their brand. If they are good at telling people that is what they do, that is marketing.

When you are marketing, you are pushing your message out. When you have a strong brand, it pulls people to you. A strong brand therefore makes the marketing a lot more impactful and effective. The brand helps to both generate and maintain trust, draws new customers through recognition and generates word-of-mouth marketing. It says: “this is what we do, this is why we do it and if you need our service, you will need us.”

Some Useful Branding Tips For Your Own Company.

We often begin our journey with our clients with a brand audit, asking questions such as:

  1. What does your business do?
  2. Who is your business’ ideal client?
  3. Where does your business excel?
  4. What are your business’ values?
  5. What’s your business’ personality?
  6. What are your business’ goals?

These questions help focus all of our minds and is recommended to be revisited periodically, to ensure that your company does not unintentionally deviate from its brand. If it does, your customers, new and old, can become confused and disillusioned.

As a leading branding agency, we intuitively understand the value of the brand. Our on-going work for One Planet Pizza, delivered through our green and social-cause wing A Better Planet, is a superb example of both our approach and the end result. You can see many other examples of the successful impact of our work in both our CreationADM and A Better Planet projects pages.

Whatever your business, where ever you are located, the CreationADM team are here to help make your voice heard, which now more than ever has never been more crucial. To begin your partnership with us, contact us today, we’ll be delighted to help.

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