Dealing With Complaints on Social Media

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No matter how good the service your company provides, you might still receive the occasional complaint or negative review. The growth of social media in recent years has made it all the more easy for your customers to make themselves heard, and given the very public nature of these forums, your responses can make or…

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Infographics: Top Tips

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Adding infographics to your blog posts and social media channels is a great way to engage with your target audience. They allow you to demonstrate your company‚Äôs expertise in a specific field, grab the attention of potential customers and they may even go viral, which is great for brand identity, as well as SEO (think…

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Creation ADM Continues to Win New Clients During Shutdown

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Despite the general shutdown period presenting a range of new challenges to the business, the Covid-19 lockdown has not been a hurdle for us – with a number of new clients wins, business has actually been strong since we moved to remote working in March. One of our new clients, Commercial Catering Products (CCP), launched…

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