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With 890 million users active daily on Facebook it is a promotional platform that can’t be ignored. Due to its high volume of traffic, brands often presume that just by posting to their Facebook page customers will engage with them however this is not the case.

Facebook’s algorithms only show users the content that they should find interesting based on their personal information and behavioural history (if you have interacted with a brand before – Liked, Commented or Shared content – Facebook will serve up their posts in your news feed over others). This means there is a likelihood brands won’t be reaching their target customers. There’s more information here¬†on how Facebook’s algorithms will affect your Facebook posts.

The appearance of your posts is also important. It’s widely accepted that posts with images have a much higher engagement rate. The ideal size for an image on Facebook is 1200 x 1200. This size will prevent any unwanted grey space and make your timeline look much more professional and appealing.

Sharing links to articles is a great way to improve interaction with your audience, they just have to be posted in the correct way.

Pasting the link into the status update box will produce an image (which is changeable) and a description of the website, these are both links that the customer can follow. Once the image and link box has been generated, don’t forget to delete the http:// address from the text area and use this space for some engaging text that will drive the viewer to follow the link.

Finally, include calls to action in your posts. Sharing information with customers but not giving them direction of where to find your products or services is pointless.

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