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Over 70% of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the UK have some sort of social media presence.  This is not surprising given that in the UK alone, there are 37 million users of Facebook, (47%…


Over 70% of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the UK have some sort of social media presence.  This is not surprising given that in the UK alone, there are 37 million users of Facebook, (47% of these over 35 years of age) and 29 million users of LinkedIn (37% of whom are between the ages of 30 and 49). In a new series of blogs, we will be providing you with some handy tips advising you how to gain the most out of specific Social Media Platforms.  To begin with, here are some general top tips for you to consider:

1) Understand your clients’ demographics.

A demographic profile relates to a person’s age, education, job, income and other similar factors. Quite clearly not all of the 37 million users of Facebook will be your target client.  However, understanding your existing clients’ demographic profiles will help whittle these users down to far more realistic numbers.

Different social media platforms attract different demographics. If you are primarily a Business to Business (B2B) company and your target demographic is over the age of 40, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok are unlikely to drive up significant engagement in your products or services.  Conversely, a predominant Business To Consumer (B2C) product such as cosmetics is likely to gain more engagement across these social media platforms than for example LinkedIn. The choice of which social media platform to utilise can be bewildering, though it is our role to demystify this for you.

2) Be consistent.

You need to be consistent in three key, interlinked areas:

  1. Consistent in both the style and size of font and graphic design, ensuring that the latter adheres to your company’s specific colour pallets.
  2. Consistent in message, ensuring that this reflects your company’s ethos and values. Creation ADM invest a significant amount of time understanding both of these for all our clients, as we effectively become their own marketeer.
  3. Consistent in uploading posts. Not only fresh content but also sharing relevant third parties’ articles.

The tone of voice in your messaging depends on the social media platform you are posting on. For example, a LinkedIn post should be more formal than one uploaded onto Facebook. Twitter meanwhile naturally lends itself to a more direct tone, encouraging engagement by linking the tweet to further information, such as on your company blog.

3) Engage with your audience.

Engagement. After all, you’re not being very social if you ignore your clients are you?! There does seem to be a clamour for the number of new followers on your social media channels but the engagement rate is much more important. The higher the rate, the more engaged your existing and potential clients are of your services. Ignoring them entirely is counter-intuitive and self-defeating.  A clear acknowledgement (especially if it is a complaint) with a promise to action any request should be your minimum aim when you are talking to someone online

4) Join in Communities.

Not all social media engagement should be focused on selling your product or service instantly. This is missing a key differentiator between this form of marketing over others, quite literally the “social” aspect of it.  Social media platforms should be used to increase your company’s brand awareness and one really simple way of achieving this is to join your industry’s Communities. For example, if you are a UK manufacturer, join in the Made In Britain hour every Thursday afternoon.  Sharing your own advice amongst like-minded businesses and socially networking with them can be hugely beneficial.

We Are Here to Help!

Effectively managing your businesses’ social media presence is a full time role, requiring dedication and expertise. Many of our clients have their own Marketing Managers but engage with Creation ADM for these specialist services. With a rich and diverse portfolio of clients, why not give our Content Marketing team a call today on 0161 236 3939 or complete our contact form for us to contact you.

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