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One Planet Pizza Example Of CreationADM Branding 2021. CreationADM Is A Leading Branding Marketing Agency In Manchester.

In this, the second blog post in our series about branding, we explore its importance for any business at a time when competition for both retaining and attracting new customers has never been more fierce. Let’s start with the most fundamental of questions:

Why do I need to brand?”

Maybe the actual word “brand” can conjure up negative or somewhat cynical connotations amongst some people, a term created and used only by “Marketing types.” Replace that word with “reputation” however and you will be understanding just how important your business’ brand is.

It is how people perceive you and as much as it can ring true that people buy people, if your business has a poor reputation, it will not prosper as much as if it had a better one. So although a business cannot control this reputation-after all that can be a very subjective, personal opinion-you can become its custodian.

“How do I become my business’ brand custodian?”

You need to start by drawing up a definitive list of brand guidelines, which can be referred to and reinforced internally, so all your team is singing from the same hymn sheet. These brand guidelines will establish parameters for which your business can operate and thrive within. Consistency in all its forms is key.

“What stands us apart?”

Every business will have plenty of other competing businesses all chasing the same customer. So determining what makes your business different is very important. If you use the example of McDonald’s and Five Guys, both serve the same product, have a near identical, franchise business model and yet the customer experience and their perceptions will be thoroughly different. They have distinct personalities; they have distinct brands. What is your own business’ persona? How would you like your customers to perceive it? How do you differ from your competitors? All these are questions you need to ask and in doing so, you’ll be building your brand.

Building your brand

Identify and then nail down your core values, possibly including a mission statement if this helps. As with a physical building, you need to build your own brand on solid foundations and these core values are a superb way to start. It will help define your business’ beliefs, its most important priorities and its fundamental driving forces. In doing this, you will paving the way for your customers to begin to make an emotional connection with your business as they will share your own values, find a common ground.

It’s just one of the reasons why new CreationADM client One Planet Pizza are so successful. Not only do they make brilliant plant-based pizzas, they are passionate about promoting the virtues of leading a vegan way of life without ever ramming this down anyone’s throats. Customers understand, recognise and identify this; they have that emotional attachment and it is very, very powerful. That is why your business’ brand is so very important.

We’re here to help!

As a leading branding agency, we intuitively understand the value of the brand. You can see many examples of our branding projects – including our work with One Planet Pizza – by visiting our CreationADM and A Better Planet case studies pages.

Whatever your business, where ever you are located, the CreationADM team are here to help make your voice heard, which now more than ever has never been more crucial. To begin your partnership with us, contact us today, we’ll be delighted to help.

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