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Mobile computing is more widespread than ever, yet few people recognise its potential. Even the web giant that is Facebook has recently been accused of failing to adapt to a market which is becoming increasingly mobile-focused.

It can be easy to be complacent about mobile marketing and ground your marketing strategy in the ‘traditional’ web. However, with nearly 5 million tablet computers sold in the UK in 2012, and people doing everything from checking social media to doing their banking and authorising payments with their phones and tablets, it is clear that a ‘top-down’ approach is starting to become less relevant.

While beginning with a mobile-optimised website is a good start, mobile computing offers new marketing opportunities which are yet to be fully explored. Taking advantage of the proliferation of mobile apps, for example, could prove hugely beneficial right now – engagement with apps is already proving to drastically improve sales for some businesses.

Nearly 90% of marketers agree that the power of mobile is growing quickly, even though more than half consider themselves inexperienced in dealing with mobile marketing. Now is the time to take advantage of mobile marketing strategies in order to stay ahead of the curve.

At Creation ADM, we can help you get your head round mobile marketing and make it work for you. Give us a call on 0161 236 3939 to discuss your future marketing strategy.

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