How do I write a blog?

Blogging is many things to many different people, but when used as a marketing tool and as a method to push your business and website ahead of your competition, it can be extremely effective. For…

How do I write a blog

Blogging is many things to many different people, but when used as a marketing tool and as a method to push your business and website ahead of your competition, it can be extremely effective.

For example, the official blog of Google, one of the biggest corporations in the Globe use their blog to post about latest news, projects and features. Or have you heard of Perez Hilton’s blog , a gossip site about celebrities? On the day actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested for drink-driving, he posted 60 updates, and 8 million readers logged on from around the world.

Perhaps you don’t have the international draw of Google or the fame Perez Hilton has acquired since his blog grew in popularity, fear not, anyone or any business can blog.

We help our client Wrigley Claydon who are a solicitors firm add regular content to their blog, with posts ranging from company news to legal advice which appeals to both their existing and potential clients. We also work with Total Training Solutions helping them write about their field which with posts such as, “Learn how to build iPhone and other mobile apps.”

Here are our five top reasons why you should be blogging:

1. To communicate
Having a blog on your website provides a place for you to communicate with your customers, what is going on within your business, your industry or anything your consumers may find relevant, such as special offers.

It doesn’t have to be called ‘blog’ it can be anything you like, such as; ‘News’, ‘What’s On’ or ‘Our Latest’….

2. To teach
A blog offers a platform to share knowledge and tips. By presenting yourself as well-informed aboutyour chosen subject you are more likely to appeal to your web visitors.
Blogs usually take achattier and less formal approach than other pages on your website. You can talk directly to your customers about anything you see as relevant or interesting.

3. To encourage interaction
Blogs can be used to initiate a discussion and get people expressing their opinions. The more controversial points of view expressed the more visitors you are likely to get reading it and therefore more traffic to your website. Be careful not to offend otherwise you might find yourself in hot water and this would createbad PR rather than good!

4. To provide fresh content
Google likes websites which constantly have new content; the addition of a regular blog ensures this. Ifyou keep Google happy you will see your website perform better in search rankings.

5. To improve SEO
A blog offers new pages to SEO (search engine optimisation). It’s imperative that SEO is an integral part of your internet marketing strategy, as that is what signposts your web pages on search engines. For example if you are a marketing agency in Manchester, you should specifically use this phrase to ensure your site is optimised.

If the idea of blogging fills you with fear and you still have the words, “How do I write a blog,” in your head, we can help.

All it takes is a regular chat with you to ensure we are up-to-date on what’s going on in your business and we can write something for you. To talk more about this call us for a friendly chat on 0161 236 3939.

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