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Lockdown was tough for everyone, but for Tour Guides such as Manchester's Jonathan Schofield it essentially meant a huge drop off in income as guided tours were banned.

As a good friend of ours we worked with Jonathan during this downtime to redesign his website so he would be in a great postion to kick start his tour business once again.


The brief was simple, don't make it look like my other website and please make it look different to all the other tour guide sites in the world.


We needed to bring these brilliant tours to life and to make video tours a reality.

In person tours were already working well for Jonathan but now he needed to offer video tours via Zoom to provide some form of income.

Plus he has masses of great stories to tell and photos to show so we needed to build all of these elements into an attractive and easy to use website.


As people didn't know what a video tour was or that they were even available, we made them front and centre of the new site with equal and intially higher focus on these ahead of the traditional walking tours.

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