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Silence Sells

The presentation of a website is the key to its perception. We understand how crucial good web-design is and thought we’d share one of those simple golden rules to help you avoid putting a serious downer on the appeal of…

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You’re just my type

It’s often said that you can tell a lot about someone by their handwriting. Whether they are a calm, methodical person, or assertive and confident; whether they are a nervous retiring sort, or a gibbering loon. It’s called graphology. Apply…

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Why go mobile?

Mobile computing is more widespread than ever, yet few people recognise its potential. Even the web giant that is Facebook has recently been accused of failing to adapt to a market which is becoming increasingly mobile-focused. It can be easy…

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Annoying people into buying

DEAR UNICOM YOU CANNOT ANNOY ME INTO BUYING YOUR STUFF. I used to be nice, but after years of being pestered by idiot sales calls I’m now a grumpy old bastard (apparently). And Unicom are my current most hated sales…

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