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From Germany with Love…

My name is Jana and I am from Germany. In the last four weeks I have stayed in Manchester, doing my first traineeship abroad at Creation ADM.

It was a really great experience and a fantastic time!

I have learned a lot about the work at Creation ADM and in general about England, Manchester and the people who live here. The people are always helpful, friendly and relaxed. It was easy to make new friends and establish contacts. (Not as I had imagined at first.)

Those four weeks I stayed with a lovely host family, not far from the company offices. And for the first time I went to a typical English pub, ate fish and chips and enjoyed the rainy weather here in England.

The atmosphere at Creation ADM was always relaxed but nevertheless productive. It is notable the way we yield more in a relaxed atmosphere. The company has stylish, modern interiors and the radio is on for the whole day. It makes the work place very comfortable and enjoyable. Not to mention my co-workers, they are always friendly and the interaction among us is superb.

I have learned a lot about advertising at work, for instance: how to design websites, to handle social media profiles and much more. In my first week in the company I got a first insight in the social media and the importance of this kind of communication. Sometimes it is a bit tricky to find the right words but it makes it a lot of fun.

I was also able to work with Photoshop. It was really interesting to find out the possibilities that this program offers us. For me this work could never be tedious, because there are unlimited opportunities to create new things.

All in all the traineeship was never boring and it was always interesting! Unfortunately it was too short.

I accumulated a lot of new experiences and got an impression of how life and culture is in England. In addition I also improved my English skills. It was a fantastic experience and I would like to stay overseas again.

Long ago, I had never thought that this kind of internship would be so great and helpful for me. Now I have a more specific idea of what I will do after finishing school in Germany.

I would love to stay here in Manchester a bit more but my school in Germany starts again next week.

Anyway I will say Goodbye to this lovely city. A lot of thanks to all for the great time at Creation!

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