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Touch Me Up!

We strongly feel that images need to look their best, but let us show you what could or couldn’t be possible with a Photoshop expert.  Photoshop…Photonot!  Could Photoshop rewrite history?  Imagine this…

Neil Armstrong didn’t really land on the moon…

using photoshop

…they shot in the desert with a giant prune!

Ask yourself this, did dinosaurs exist?  Or have we been falsely lured
with Photoshop tricks?!

using photoshop 2

Well, if dinosaurs did exist…according to this, mermaids did too!

Perched above the streets or so they seem…

using photoshop 3

…with a safety net and a green screen!

Retouched paper, believe all about it!  FREE NEWS….FREE NONSENSE.

using photoshop 4


Photoshop should only be used by skilled professionals, never amateurs
and should come with a warning!


using photoshop 5

See more phototastrophies at :

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