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What Is The Difference Between Web Design And Web Development?

While most web professionals will have some knowledge of both web design and web development there remains a distinction between the two.

Web Design

Web designers are responsible for conceptualising the look and feel of a website. Usually thought of as the front of the website, this is primarily what users will experience.

The role is similar to that of an architect and relies heavily creating an image of the website that is both aesthetically pleasing and relevant to its aims and ethos. The designer needs to consider everything, from the size and style of the font to the colour of displays and the coordination of branding.

As websites typically run across several pages the designer is responsible for creating a cohesive interface that ties the pages and any media together so as to create a feeling of fluidity and unity in the user’s experience of the site.

Web Development

Web developers are tasked with bringing the design to life, adding interactivity to what would otherwise, in essence, be a set of well placed and well chosen images and text.

If the designer is the architect then by the same analogy the developer is the engineer and construction team. Developers are responsible for the coding of the website which entails breaking down the design into a language that the website will be able to process and reproduce as the final product.

Because the two processes are heavily interlinked it requires the insight of both developer and designer to devise a functional and professional looking website. Designers must be aware of the limitations of the website and developers need to be able to amend and modify designs in order that they can become functional for users.

Creation have an experienced web production team fluent in both design and development; we’re able to bring the expertise necessary to ensure that a website both looks and feels professional. Why not get in touch, if you’re thinking about building a website, on 0161 236 3939 or ?

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